of the International Conference “Scientific Heritage of Sergey A. Chaplygin: nonholonomic mechanics, vortex structures and hydrodynamics”

June 2–6, 2019, Chuvash State University,

Cheboksary, Russia

June 2 (Sunday) 


Arrival and registration of participants, accommodation in hotels


Tour of the city 

June 3 (Monday)


Registration of participants (foyer of building A)


Opening ceremony:

Welcoming address to participants

  • Andrei  Alexandrov, Rector of the I.N. Ulyanov Chuvash State University
  • Mikhail  Ignat'ev, Head of the Chuvash Republic


Alexey V. Borisov

Sergey A. Chaplygin


Taking a group photograph of participants (porch of building A)

11.30–12.30    Lecture session 1. Chair: Sergey Sokolov


Nikolay A. Kudryashov

Traveling wave solutions of some mathematical models for description of propagation pulses in optical fibers


Ivan S. Mamaev, Ivan A. Bizyaev and Alexey V. Borisov

Dynamics of a Chaplygin sleigh with an unbalanced rotor


Lunch (University cafe)


Alexey V. Borisov, Alexander A. Kilin and Ivan S. Mamaev

Motion of a Particle on the Surface of a Rotating Paraboloid in the Presence of Friction Forces


Alain Albouy

Transformation of the equations of dynamics


Luis García-Naranjo

The problem of general multi-dimensional rigid bodies rolling on the plane


Maria Przybylska and Stefan Rauch-Wojciechowski

Dynamics of rolling and sliding rigid bodies


Coffee break (canteen in building G)

15.50–17.50    Lecture session 2. Chair: Andrei Shafarevich


Boris S. Bardin

On orbital stability of periodic motions of a heavy rigid body with a fixed point in the Hess case


Sergei V. Sokolov

Bifurcation Diagram For Two Vortices of Opposite Signs in Trapped Bose–Einstein Condensate


Pavel E. Ryabov and Artemiy A. Shadrin

Bifurcation Diagram and its Visualization in the One Generalized Integrable Model of Vortex Dynamics  


Alexander A. Kilin and Elena N. Pivovarova

Topological Analysis and Absolute Dynamics of the Nonholonomic Rolling of a Rubber Wheel with Sharp Edges


Alexander Yu. Ivanitskiy, Fedor P. Vasilyev, Vladimir Ejov

The residual method for solving ill-posed system of algebraic inequalities and linear programming problems with approximate data


Visit of a photographic exhibition  (foyer of building G).

June 4 (Tuesday)

9.00–13.00      Lecture session 3. Chair: Nikolay  Kudryashov


Leonid G. Kurakin, Irina V. Ostrovskaya

On the stability of discrete vortex structures in two-layer rotating fluid and in homogeneous fluid


Borislav Gajic, Bozidar Jovanovic

Connections and Time Reperametrizations in Nonholonomic Mechanics


Bozidar Jovanovic, Borislav Gajic

Two integrable models of rolling balls over a sphere


Nikolai V. Kuznetsov, Timur Mokaev

Theory of hidden oscillations


Coffee break


Victor V. Kuzenov  and Sergei V. Ryzhkov

Mathematical modeling of plasma dynamics for processes in capillary discharges


Vyacheslav P. Kruglov, Sergey P. Kuznetsov

Dynamics of phases and chaos in lattices of locally coupled conservative or dissipative oscillators


Ivan Yu. Polekhin

Precession of the Kovalevskaya and Goryachev-Chaplygin tops


Stanislav Nikolaienko

Topological invariants for the Chaplygin-Goryachev integrable case with non-compact Liouville foliations


Lunch (University cafe)

14.00–18.00    Lecture session 4. Chair: Nikolai Kuznetsov


Alexander V. Sakharov   

Dynamics of a point in the axisymmetric potential of a massive fixed ring and center


Alexey V. Borisov, Tatiana B. Ivanova, Alexander A. Kilin, Ivan S. Mamaev

Dynamics of a ball on a rotating cone


Alexey V. Borisov, Ivan S. Mamaev, Evgeny V. Vetchanin

The motion of foils in a fluid due to periodical excitations


I. F. Kobtsev

Chaplygin parabolic pendulum problem: Liouville equivalence invariants


Coffee break (canteen in building G)


Anna I. Allilueva

Evolution of Lagrangian manifolds and asymptotic solutions to the linearized equations of gas dynamics


Evgeniya A. Chekina, Boris S. Bardin

The orbital stability analysis of planar rotations of a satellite in a circular orbit at the boundaries of a domain of stability in linear approximation


George Sukhov

Bifurcation analysis of periodic motions originating from hyperboloidal precession of a dynamically symmetric satellite


Evgeniy V. Vetchanin, Evgeniya A. Mikishanina

The dynamics of rigid bodies with internal mechanisms


17.00–18.00    Poster session


Excursion to the museum of the Chuvash State University

June 5 (Wednesday)


Excursion to the birthplace of Academician A.N. Krylov, the village of Krylovo, Poretskoye district, Chuvash Republic

 Departure from building A

June 6 (Thursday)

9.00–12.55       Lecture session 5. Chair: Borislav Gajic


Andrei I. Shafarevich

Hamiltonian systems and Lagrangian manifolds, corresponding to linearized equations of relativistic hydrodynamics  


Sergey V. Bolotin

Jumps of energy near a separatrix in  slowly time dependent   Hamiltonian systems


Valery V. Kozlov

To be announced


Ivan Kozlov 

About realization of Jordan-Kronecker invariants of Lie algebras


Coffee break (canteen in building G)


Sergey P. Kuznetsov, Vyacheslav P. Kruglov, Yulia V. Sedova

Mechanical systems with hyperbolic chaotic attractors based on Froude pendulums


Alexey Mashtakov

Sub-Riemannian Geometry in Image Processing and Modelling of Human Visual System


R. Khusainov, S. Savin, S. Golousov

Compliant Control for walking robots with the use of virtual spring-damper system


Mikhail Kiselev

Appearance of working memory mechanism in self-organizing liquid state machine


Stepan Troeshestov, Vladimir Aliev, Anton Mashikhin and Sergey Nikolenko

AI Driving Olympics challenge: reinforcement learning approach solving line following task


Lunch (University cafe)

14.00–16.30   Lecture session 6. Chair: Alexander Yu. Ivanitskiy


G.A. Fedoreyev, A.Yu. Zhurenko, K.V. Gribov, D.V. Nazarov, CM. Krivel, E.A. Galushko

Wig - transformer for effective logistics in far east and arctic


Sergey P.Kuznetsov, Vladimir V.Mochalov, Vasiliy P.Chuev 

On Pauli‘s theorem in Clifford algebra(in Russian)


Alexander G. Terentyev, Nikolai A. Fedorov

Numerical solution of the problem of flow around flexible arcs (in Russian)


Anastasia O. Kazakova

Generalization of the Joukowski-Chaplygin solution
of the plane hydrodynamic problem in eccentric ring
(in Russian)


Alexander A. Nazarov 
Superposition method in computer simulation of multi-agent systems and its supercomputer implementation (in Russian)


Olga V. Vasiljeva, Sergey O. Ksenofontov, Alexander N. Lepaev

Viscous medium of a burning particle (in Russian)


Darya A. Anufrieva, Victor S. Abrukov, Alexander N. Lukin, Charlie Oommen, V. R. Sanalkumar and Nichith Chandrasekaran

Generalized multifactor computational models of the detonation of condensed and gas systems  (in Russian)


Closing ceremony


Fellowship banquet

* The program of the conference may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances.


Poster presentations

L.G. Kurakin, I.A. Lysenko
On stability of orbit and invariant set of Thomson's vortex polygon in two-fluid plasma

L.G. Kurakin, A.V. Kurdoglyan
Semi-invariant form of equilibrium stability criteria for systems  with one or two cosymmetries

Ye. S. Hladkov,  E. V. Vetchanin
Dynamics of toroidal bodies in a fluid

A. Rembovskaya
Symplectic classication of spherical 2-atoms

E. M. Artemova, A. A. Kilin
Dynamics of vortex lattices

K.S. Efremov, A.A. Ardentov and Yu. L. Karavaev
Experimental studies of the movement of a mobile wheeled robot along optimal trajectories

V.A. Shestakov, K.S Efremov and Yu.L. Karavaev
Experimental investigations of the control algorithm of a mobile manipulation robot on a highly maneuverable platform with omniwheels

I.A. Bizyaev, A.V. Borisov and I.S. Mamaev
Dynamic of nonholonomic Suslov problem under periodic control: unbounded speed-up and strange attractors

Yu. L. Karavaev, A. A. Kilin
The dynamics of a spherical robot of the combined type by periodic control actions

Yu. L. Karavaev , K. S. Efremov, I. S. Zvonarev
Experimental evaluation of mobile wheeled robot control using artificial neural network

A.V. Nozdrin, Yu.L. Karavaev, S.V. Sokolov
Design features and control of a Spherical Robot of pendulum-type

Alexey Podobryaev
Symmetric extremal trajectories in left-invariant optimal control problems

A. V. Klekovkin, E.V. Vetchanin and I. S. Mamaev
A dynamic study of screwless fish-like robot with internal rotor

K. Vorushilov
Jordan-Kronecker invariants of semidirect sums of Lie algebras

Saturation Free Numerical Scheme for Computing the Flow Past a Lattice of Airfoils with Sharp Edge

M.E. Sirotkina, E.G. Efimova, E.V. Volodina
Numerical investigations of the ultimate shear and tearing-off resistance of an acute-angled anisotropic wedge (in Russian)

E.G. Efimova, A.Ya. Kornilov
Cavitational flow of several plates (in Russian)

G.A. Fedoreyev,  A.S. Znatkov
High-speed transport system «Ekranoflot-Chuvashia»

T. Kartuzova, A. Kulagina, L. Seliverstova
Numerical research of flow of profiles system near  screen (in Russian)

Ja. Kornilov, A.G. Kulagina, I. Ju. Jusupov, D.V.Bobin
The flow around a thin profile with perforated contour lines (in Russian)

V.V. Alexeev, S.A. Vasiljev, S.I. Chuchkalov 
The motion of a plane in a viscous highly dispersive medium not saturated with fluid

G.M. Sorokin, T.G. Terekhova
The investigation of whirlwind in stability of the plasmoid above the water surface  (in Russian)

V.V. Andreev
Study of the boundary layer near outer surface of the porous catalyst pellet during the reaction-diffusion process in it (in Russian)

V.N. Pichugin
Modeling and analysis of dynamic systems in robotics polygon meshes (in Russian)

V. V. Shumaaev
Estimation of azimuthal instabilities under the joint action of laser radiation and a magnetic field on a plasma

A. O. Kazakova and E. A. Mikishanina
Numerical solution of the boundary value problems for the Poisson’s equation in the plane domain (in Russian)

V.V. Kuritsyina, T.V. Mitrofanova, T.N. Smirnova
Application of boundary element techniques to the solution of tasks of hydrodynamics (in Russian)

E.M. Artemova, A.A. Kilin
Qualitative Analysis of the Dynamics of a Three-link Vehicle