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2019 marks the 150th birthday of the famous Russian scientist Sergey A. Chaplygin (1869-1942), who made a great contribution to the development of mathematics and mechanics. Such terms as the Chaplygin method, Chaplygin gas, Chaplygin vortex, Chaplygin ball,  Chaplygin sleigh,  etc. are well known worldwide.

On this occasion we are organizing the International Conference “ Scientific Heritage of Sergey A. Chaplygin: nonholonomic mechanics, vortex structures and hydrodynamics” which will be held on June 2-6, 2019, at the I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University, Cheboksary, Russia.


  • Nonholonomic mechanics and multi-body dynamics;
  • Systems with friction;
  • Integrable systems;
  • Optimal control, sub-Riemannian geometry and vakonomic mechanics;
  • Algebric and geometric methods in dynamics;
  • Dynamical systems in robototechnics and biomechanics;
  • Vortex dynamics;
  • Hydrodynamics.